Largest toilet building overview

World’s largest toilet building

World’s largest toilet building can be found in Chongqing, China. It’s located in the No Theme Park, Foreigner Street in Chongqing. The largest toilet bathroom in the world counts more than 1000 toilets in one building. The main entrance is Egyptian Pharoah. But the toilet bathroom can be entered from more sides.

more than 1000 toilets in a building

No water toilet

Most of the toilets are just regular plain toilets, but some of them are special. For example some animal toilets, you piss them right into their mouth.

But also a “no-water toilet”, which is quite nasty. We won’t tell you the details about this toilet, but you could see the last droppings since there is no water to flush the toilet. I would say: enjoy your time!

There’s also a toilet where you can watch yourself in a mirror.

piss into an animal toilets

How to get to the largest toilet building

Take bus number 315 from Chongqing downtown to the last stop on the line. It takes about 40 minutes, tickets can be bought in the bus for 2 RMB. It’s right in front of “Foreigner street” or also known as “No Theme park”. Although it’s called Foreigner street, you won’t see any foreigner over there, it’s just a theme park with a lot of foreign elements.

The toilet building is open whole day, 24 hours! World’s largest toilet building can be visited for free. Take a piss.

schematic map of world's largest toilet building

Largest toilet building overview

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