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Travel to Lijiang – Venice of China

Travel to Lijiang, China. This little city (1.1 million inhabitants) is also known as Venice from China. Water laps in streams through this city, typical Chinese roofs are everywhere and a layed-back atmosphere can be enjoyed.

In the night the clubs opening in the bar street and beers can be enjoyed. Here you find information about activities and the best sights in Lijiang.

Why travel to Lijiang?

Lijiang is probably one of China’s most laid-back cities. Lijiang is located in the Yunnan province, which is in the South-West of China. Yunnan has a great diversity of almost everything: people, landscape, cities and food.

Lijiang street  
Lijiang street
Lijiang street
Streets of Lijiang

How to travel to Lijiang

  • Take a plane to travel to Lijiang Sanyi Airport (28km to east of Lijiang-town)
  • Bus: take the bus to long-distance bus station
  • Train: trains run from Dali and Kunming to Lijiang train-station

Lijiang street  
Lijiang river
Food tasting restaurant in Lijiang
Streets of Lijiang 
Typical view of Lijiang
Food tasting restaurants

What to do in Lijiang-town?

Explore the relaxed atmosphore in the town by walking around and drink some tea in the traditional tea-houses. The ancient city centre isn’t that big so you won’t get lost. Enjoy your lunch in one of the snack-tasting restaurants and head in the afternoon to the Black Dragon Pool Park. In the night you could visit the city-centre again to enjoy the beautiful lighted roofs, grab some snacks again and down some beers at the barstreet. Most bars offer some typical Chinese animation, which can be fun to watch.

Ride a horse

Most hostels offer a horse riding trip near Lijiang, this is quite a popular trip in the area. Actually it is just an 1,5 hour ride through the mountains on a slow tempo, but the view is stunning. You don’t need to have horse-riding skills since someone is walking with you. After this

Food tasting restaurants in Lijiang
Travel to Lijiang to enjoy it by night
Horse riding
Food tasting restaurants
Lighted roofs

Explore the area of Lijiang

Lijiang is located in the Yunnan province which offers a lot. Some things you could do:

Visit Shangri-La and Potatso national park

A beautiful 5 hours busride brings you to Shangri-La town, a small Tibetan town. Here you can find famous yak-restaurants and traditional Tibetan dances at the square in the centre of the town. The main reason to visit this city is the Potatso national park, which is considered as one of the best national parks in China.

Potatso National Park view during the winter
Lake - Potatso National Park in Winter
Square dance – Shangri-La
Potatso National Park[ in Winter/one_third]
Lake – Potatso National Park in Winter

Tiger Leaping George

China’s most famous hike area, the Tiger Leaping George. High mountains and deep valleys are combined with great scenery. From Lijiang there are trip to hike the Tiger Leaping George, those trips can be bought at hostels.

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