Great Wall

The Great Wall of China

The most famous wall in the world: The Great Wall of China. This must-see attraction is more than 6000 meters long. The first bricks were probably placed there around 700 BC, however most of the wall was build during the Ming-dynasty (1368-1644). The Great Wall of China was originaly build as a defensive wall against other enemy nations in that time. Nowadays it is a popular destination for tourists, on this page we explain you the best way to visit the wall.


Avoid loads of tourists at the great wall, visit the more remote places.

Great Wall - Remote place
Mountain area of great wall

Remote places of the Great Wall


Less crowded places at the Great Wall

  • Huangyaguan     (3 hours from Tianjin, entree ticket: 45-50 RMB)
  • Shanhaiguan      (0,5 hours from Qinhuangdao, at the coast, end of the wall, entree ticket: 35-40 RMB)
  • Jiayuguan           (8 hours by train from Lanzhou: 61-101 RMB)

These places are less visited by tourist than the places near Beijing, but these places are also more difficult to reach. Places near Beijing can be visited in just one day, places mentioned above often take more days if you travel from Beijing.




Crowded Great Wall near Beijing
Great wall in snow, near Beijing

A lot of tourists at Badaling, the Great Wall near Beijing


Crowded places at The Great Wall

  1. Badaling (1,5 – 2 hour drive from Beijing, entree ticket: 40-45 RMB, Cable car: single trip: 80 RMB, Round trip: 100 RMB)
  2. Mutianyu (2 hours drive from Beijing, entree ticket: 45 RMB, Cable car: single trip: 80 RMB, Round trip: 100 RMB)
  3. Simatai    (2,5 hour drive from Beijing, entree ticket: 40 RMB, Cable car: single trip: 80 RMB, Round trip: 120 RMB)
  4. Jinshanling (3 hour drive from Beijing, entree ticket: 45-65 RMB, Cable car one way: 40 RMB)* Driving time really depends on traffic jams in Beijing, this is an estimation.

All places above are provided of cable cars to give you a comfortable journey to The Great Wall. On the other hand, climbing the wall possibly gives you more satisfaction.

Badaling is the most renovated place and therefore save place, Mutianyu is second and Simatai and Jinshanling are less renovated, which gives the most original view about this extraordinary work of art.

These places can all be visited in one day. Calculate 2-3 hours to spend at the wall including cable car.

How to travel to The Great Wall

Visit the wall on your own, or choose for a travel agency. It’s up to you.

Travel agencies

If you stay in Beijing, we would not recommend you to buy a trip to the Wall at a random agency at the streets of Beijing. There are a lot of agencies which deliver good services, but unfortunately there are also unreliable ones. We recommend to book those trips at hostels, which often deliver good prices. Or book it at a, for you, well known agency.

At your own to the Great Wall

Of course you can also travel to the Great Wall at your own. All places are possible to visit by public transport. Badaling, the closest to Beijing, is even reachable by taxi for a price of 400 RMB, depending on the taxi company and your bargaining.


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