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Night at Mount Everest Base Camp

Sleep a night in a tent at the highest mountain of the world, the Mount Everest. A night at Mount Everest Base Camp (EBC) you find some tent hostels who give you a chance to stay at EBC. Can you handle the magic of sleeping in a traditional Nomad tent at the highest mountain of the world?

  • Mount Everest Base Camp / EBC altitude: 5,200 m (17,060 ft)
  • 19 km to the north of Mount Everest summit
  • Nomad tents and tent hostels are open from April to November
  • 3 hours off-road driving to get there

A night at Mount Everest Base Camp in Nomad tents

The hostel tents look like traditional Nomad tents. In Tibet still many Nomads live with their yaks, so this is the traditional way of sleeping at the Mount Everest. Each tent has about 10 beds in one room, so you sleep together. It can be cold at night at a high altitude of 5,200 meter with strong winds. So dress warm, and use the warm blankets which are available in the tent hostel.

There are no real toilets, so you must go to the outside and watch the Mount Everest during doing your needs, quite special isn’t it? The hostel will provide you of tea and you can order a home made Chinese or Tibetan meal.

Hot water is available, but there are no showers. Electricity is only available at low voltage so charge you batteries before you go.

We, pretending to sleep in a Nomad tent at EBC. It is a great experience to sleep at the Mount Everest Base Camp:

A night at Mount Everest Base Camp
The traditional Tibetan nomads tent at Mount Everest.


Tibetan hostel tent during night at Mount Everest Base Camp, EBC.
Our hostel tent in front of the highest mountain of the world. This is were we stayed at a night at Mount Everest Base Camp. Host is making tea.

Nomad tent in front of Mount Everest


Altitude sickness at Mount Everest Base Camp

Altitude sickness is a common phenomenom at those high altitudes like Mount Everest Base Camp. Some people will have though times, others won’t feel anything. But one thing is sure, take it serious and be prepared. Take some medicins and oxygen with you, the nearest hospital is 6 hours away.

The medicin Diamox (Acetazolamide) is often used if people have a lack of oxygen. More about altitude sickness.

Pharmacy for oxygen

Oxygen for sale in Tibet

The off road track to Mount Everest Base Camp

It takes a three hour off road drive to get to the EBC. People are only allowed to drive here with an 4-wheel-drive (4WD). It’s a beautiful road through the Himalayas, on your way you will spot some small Tibetan villages. Tourists are not allowed to go on their own, they need a Tibetan tour guide.

Road to EBC

As you can see in the picture below. The road is not clear at all, that’s why 4WD is needed.

Road to EBC


Mount Everest Base Camp in pictures

The Mount Everest Base Camp is located at an altitude of 5200 meter (17,060 ft). In Tibetan language the Mount Everest is called Mount Qomolangma.

Mt. Qomolangma / Everest Base camp

An overview of EBC, all 4 wheel drives on the left will bring passengers over the 3 hours during off-road track to the EBC. The buses on the right will bring visitors to a viewing point closer to the Mount Everest.



The Mount Everest

The Mount Everest seen from the EBC in the afternoon.

Mount Everest from the base camp

The Mount Everest during sunset seen from the Everest Base Camp.

Sunset Mt. Everest



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