Shanghai tourist attractions

Stare at the skyline, visit one of the skycrapers, check out the fake markets and enjoy the biggest and most westernized city of China, Shanghai. In the article we will provide you information about the best things to do in Shanghai as a tourist.

Skyline, The Bund

One of the most famous skylines in the world, Shanghai city. Visit The Bund with the older buildings in English style, turn around a stare at the skyline of Shanghai Pudong. Beautiful in the daytime, as well as in the evening, you simply can’t miss this.

Shanghai Skyline
Shanghai Skyline at night

Shanghai Skyline – Daytime
Shanghai Skyline – at night (view from The Bund)

Visit a skycraper

If you are in Shanghai, you have to visit a skycraper, go up to the highest floor and enjoy the view. Regardless how many days you spend in Shanghai, definitly visit a skycraper on the first day that the sky is clear and if you are lucky when it’s sunny. We had a few days sun, but didn’t visit the skycraper, our last days were rainy so the view was bad when we decided to enter the skycraper.

Oriental TV Tower at night
WFC at night

Oriental Pearl TV Tower
World Finance Centre

Oriental TV Tower (468 m)

Ticket: 260 RMB, including Shanghai History museum.

You can visit the Oriental TV Tower for a price of 260 RMB. This tower has a glass floor which makes it a bit scary but also very cool. Funny in this tower is the rollercoaster ride, how could you think about making a rollercoaster ride in a skycraper?! Only in China! And there is a gambling hall as well. On the ground flour you can find the Shanghai history museum which is included in the ticket.

World Financial Centre (492 m)

Ticket: 120 – 300 RMB, depending on arrangement and which floors you want to visit.

The highest tower in Shanghai which can be visited by tourists. At the ground floor the staff gives a honest opinion about the view up in the tower. They really discouraged us to go in there that day because of the bad view, we really appreciated their honest opinion.

View from Oriental Tower - Bad weather
View from WFC

Bad weather from Oriental Tower
Good view from WFC

View from WFC
View from WFC

View from WFC
View from WFC

Fake Markets

Visit one of the fake “underground” markets in Shanghai to have some fun or seek for the fake branded products. Beats by Dre headphones, Rayban sunglasses, Obey caps, Vans shoes: a lot of copied products from famous brands can be found here. More information, tips about fake markets Taobao City Shanghai and AP Plaza.

Yuyuan gardens

Ticket: 40 RMB, students get discount.

Check out the Yuyuan gardens of Shanghai for some typical Chinese gardens. The bazaars next to it, show you some typical Chinese bargain shops.

Yuyuan Gardens
Yuyuan Bazaar

Yuyuan Gardens
Yuyuan Bazaar

 Magic river train

Ticket: 50 RMB for a single way, Return: 60 RMB

The weirdest and funniest way to travel between The Bund and Pudong area. Reach to the magic river train to enjoy the funniest and weirdest trainride underneath a river. The entire train tunnel underneath the river is decorated with disco- and laserlights.

Magic Train
Magic Train tunnel

The “train”-station
The lighted tunnel


Where to stay in Shanghai

We spend our nights in the Le Tour Traveler’s Rest Youth Hostel, which was a pleasent stay. It was only 48 RMB per person per night (3 person private room with private bathroom). It is a good hostel: English speaking staff, Ticket and info help, WiFi, mini-cinema, table tennis, biljarts, clean rooms, delicious Western breakfast and a really cozy atmosphere. The only thing was: it was a bit cold. The hostel is located near to the JingAn Temple and only ten minutes away from the metro station, which is also called JingAn Temple station.;

A tip for people who can’t stand the Chinese food and stay in above mentioned hoste:l The Subway (sandwich shop) is located at the opposite of the JingAn metro station. And the Burger King is located on your way from the JingAn station to the hostel.

What to combine with Shanghai?

After your trip to Shanghai you can easily take the train to Beijing or Huangshan.

Beijing - Forbidden City
Huangshan Summit

Forbidden City in Beijing
Yellow Mountains of Huangshan

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