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Beautiful Infinity Pools in China – Top 12

Infinity pools are for sure the most beautiful pools in the world. Those stunning pools are not quite common in China yet, but there are several of them. Relax, and check out the most amazing infinity pools in China.

What is an Infinity Pool?

An infinity pool is a swimming pool which creates a visual effect which looks like the pool merges into the surroundings. For example, this can be the sea. The pools are often seen at luxurious resorts and hotels. World’s most famous infinity pool is probably Marina Bay Sands in Singapore. But in China, and especially in Hong Kong, can be found some stunning infinity pools as well.

1. Infinity pool in China at Mandarin Oriental, Sanya

Mandarin Oriental infinity pools in China

An infinity pool at the tropical island of China: Hainan. If you want to relax under tropical circumstances, make sure to go to Sanya, the second largest city of the island Hainan. It’s a beautiful island and worth a visit.

2. Infinity pool Four season hotel, Hong Kong

Infinity pool Hong Kong

Although Hongkong is not really a part of China, we included this infinity pool in China. This pool has a great view at the skyline of Hongkong.

3. InterContinental hotel, Suzhou – Infinity pools in China

Infinity pool Suzhou China

This infinity pool is located in a building, the InterContinental Hotel in Suzhou. If it’s clear, you will have a great view on the skyline of Suzhou.

4. Infinity pool at Four Seasons Hotel, Hangzhou

Infinity pools in China, Hangzhou

One of the most peaceful infinity pools in China, part of the Four Seasons Hotel in Hangzhou.

5. Infinity pool at W Hong Kong hotel

Infinity pool in Hong Kong

Another infinity pool in Hong Kong. Although this is quite a small one it’s located on a higher floor and therefore you will have a great view at the skyline of Hong Kong.

6. Infinity pool at InterContinental hotel, Hong Kong

InterContinental infinity pool in Hong Kong

Infinity pool in Hong Kong

Just another infinity pool in Hong Kong and also the second one in an InterContinental Hotel.

7. Infinity pool at Haitang Bay Gloria Resort, SanyaHaitang Bay Gloria Resort Sanya

This pool is also located at the tropical island Hainan, in the city Sanya. From the pool you will have a view at the palm trees and will be fully engaged in the tropical atmosphere.

8. Infinity pool at Mandarin Oriental, Macau

infinity pool macau

A pool in the Mandarin Oriental hotel in Macau, close to Hong Kong.

9. Infinity pool at Hotel Icon, Hong Kong

Infinity pool Hotel Icon

10. Infinity pool at L’Hotel Nina et Convention Center, Hong Kong

Infinity pool at Hong Kong

11. Infinity pool at The Longemont, Shanghai

Infinity pool Shanghai, China

12. Infinity pool at Hotel Indigo, Shanghai


Last but not least: an inside infinity pool in Shanghai. Lay back and enjoy Shanghai by night. You’ll find the swimming pool at Hotel Indigo.

Enjoyed our top 12 infinity pools in China? Or do you have anything to add? Please let us now, in the comment below.


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