Import cheap products from China

Import cheap products directly from China at internet, it is easier than ever before. In this article we let you know the cheapest ways to do this.


AliExpress: Import cheap products from China

This website is part of the Alibaba company and became more popular in the last few years. It is a kind of Chinese Ebay for international customers. You buy products directly from the Chinese resellers of factories. Make sure that you check out the reviews before you buy something.

Search for sport shoes, to find Vans and All Stars look-a-like shoes. Also a lot of football shirts are sold at this website. They often come with original brand and sponsor logo’s.

Packages often arrive between 2 and 4 weeks after ordering with the cheapest shipping option.

Link to AliExpress.

Football shirts ordered on AliExpress, and All Star shoes:





Probably the most well known website in Europe for buying stuff from China. The website has a large range of products for a bargain. This website is very reliable.

Shipping takes 3 to 7 weeks in general.

Link to DealExtreme


Import at TaoBao

TaoBao is China’s largest resellers website. It is the Chinese version of Ebay and only available in Chinese language. The products at TaoBao are extremely cheap! If you live in China, you can order stuff on your Chinese adress with a CreditCard (Mastercard of Visa).

TaoBao Agents

If you live outside China, you can use TaoBao Agents to order products for you. Those agents are people who often live in Hongkong or China and speak English and Chinese. Those people order your products and ship them all to their office. Once all your products are together at their office, they will send it to your address outside China. To save on shipping, it is recommended to order more products at a time.

Be carefull because there seem to be a lot of unreliable TaoBao Agents at the market.

Link to Taobao.


Fake product markets in Shanghai

In Shanghai there are a few fake product markets. Those market sell product which look like famous brand products in Europe. How to bargain, and where to find the markets can be read here…



All information in this article is based on our own experiences. We are not responsible for any wrong or different information.

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