Chinese wrap

Favorite Chinese snack

Unfortunately I have no clue how this Chinese wrap is called officially. But if you see it, buy it. It’s my favorite Chinese street food. Basically it is some dough baked on a flat plate including an egg. After that you can choose between chicken and a kind of sausage. They at some delicious brown sauce, some cabage and a kind of thin cookie. Usually I try to tell the cook to not add the spicy herbs, otherwise you well get hot during your quick snack.

The best streetfood in Chongqing

This snack is made at the Chongqing Technology and Business University at three places, but also in Ciqikou (ancient town) in Chongqing. At CTBU you can find this delicious streetfood at the mainstreet on the left side after you entered the campus. Someone told me once it originally came from Beijing, so it might be for sale at a lot more places.

Price: only 6 to 8 yuan / RMB, which was about €0,40.


Chinese wrap

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