Chinese domestic flight tickets

China is a huge country and therefore they have an enormous domestic flight infrastructure. Every respectable city has an airport. In this article we tell you where to buy Chinese tickets as a foreigner.

Bus, train or airplane in China

Most domestic flight tickets are quite cheap in compare to tickets in Europe and Amerca. Flight tickets are often more expensive than taking the train or the bus in China. Consider if a flight is really faster, you often lose time because airports are usually located a bit outside the city. Also check-in and luggage takes time.

Buy tickets at Ctrip

Most well known website to buy your tickets is at They provide you an timetable with the cheapest flights. Ctrip is a reliable and popular website to buy your tickets. They have an English, Spanish, French and German site as well.

You can pay with creditcard (Visa, Mastercard, JCB and Amex), PayPal (only on desktop), C-Money and UnionPay (only on desktop).


Elong flight tickets

Another website to buy your flight tickets is The website is available in English and Chinese language. You can pay by cash (an agent will bring your tickets) or you can pay by creditcard. Not all creditcards from overseas banks are accepted.


Luggage and food

When you buy a ticket, keep in mind that some tickets are with or without luggage. Most Chinese domestic flights provide a meal or snack when you take the flight.


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