China highlights Top 10

Our top 10 highlights of China are shown below, you simply can’t miss them if you travel to China.

1. Huangshan – Yellow Mountains

Climb the Yellow Mountains in just one day to enjoy the stunning scenery! Stay a night at the top and get up early to watch the sunset. Good to combine with a visit to Shanghai. Read more…

Huangshan - Yellow Mountains


2. Tibet – Lhasa and Mount Everest

Tibet, an incredable mysterious area. Monks, prayer wheels, monasteries, incence are all around and make this place to a really holy place, on the other hand Chinese flags and a lot of police are overtaking the area. Visit Tibet before it is totally transformed in a regular Chinese city with too many skycrapers. And don’t forget to visist the tallest mountain in the world, The Mount Everest. Read more…



3. The Great Wall

You simply can’t miss world’s most famous wall when you travel to China. But for a unforgetable experience you should consider which place of the wall you want to visit. Some places are full of tourists, while other places are still peacefull and almost unrenovated, read more…

Chinese Great Wall

4. Hainan – Tropical Island

The one and only tropical island of China. Perfect for those who love palmtrees, beaches and the blue ocean. There are a lot of luxurious resorts down there but we would recommend skip them and enjoy the real island. Barbeque at the beach, grab a bike or scooter and discover the island. Read more…

Hainan - Chinas Tropical Island

5. Shanghai

Stare at the skyline, visit one of the skycrapers, check out the fake markets and enjoy the biggest and most westernized city of China, Shanghai. Where should you go and what are unknown cool places in Shanghai, read more about it here…
Shanghai Skyline

6. Jiuzhaigou

Jiuzhaigou valley offers you many beautiful lakes with breathtaking bright colours and great waterfalls. This national park is located on the border of Tibet, on your way to the remote village of Jiuzhaigou you will get in touch with some Tibetan culture. Be warned: Jiuzhaigou valley is a very popular tourist attraction for the Chinese, so expect a lot of them. Read more…
Jiuzhaigou National Park

7. Beijing – Cultural Centre

An immensely big city, without too much skycrapers. A lot of culture can be found in this kind of grey looking city. Places to visit: Summer Palace, Tiananmen Square, Hutongs and the Forbidden City. Read more about Beijing… 
Beijing - Forbidden City

8. Zhangjiajie – Avatar Mountains

Wide range national park located in central China with incredible rocks all around. This park is famous since the movie Avatar was recorded here, although this is claimed by more national parks in China, this park is definitely worth a visit. Read more about Zhangjiajie…
ZhangJiaJie Avatar Mountains

9. Lijiang – Venice of China

This little city (1.1 million inhabitants) is called Venice from China. Water laps in streams through this city, typical Chinese roofs are everywhere and a layed-back atmosphere can be enjoyed. In the night the clubs opening in the bar street. Read more about Lijiang…
Lijiang - Little Venice of China

10. Leshan – Grand Buddha

In Leshan the biggest buddha in the world can be found. This buddha has been build in the forest next to the river. Combine a visit with a stay in Chengdu to visit the most famous Panda Centre in the world. Read more about Leshan… 
Leshan - Grand Buddha

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