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We are just some people who lived for 6 months in Chongqing, China. We come from a tiny country in West-Europe, called The Netherlands. Most of our trips in China were made during our study, without speaking Chinese. Although we speak some words Chinese…well, actually just a few.

China has to offer a beautiful scenery which is not quite known by people outside China. We want to share what we have seen because it was a great experience. So enjoy reading our website.

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Do you have any tips, cool stories, travel information or you want to contribute in any other way? Don’t hesitate to contact us!


All information on this website is based on our own experience. Things can change, especially in a developing country like China. We are not responsible for any wrong information or tips, neither for problems caused by any information on this website. Did you find some wrong information? Please tell us 🙂

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